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Controlling Authority

Inspector General of Police, Welfare
O/O Director General of Police
Chennai-4, Tamil Nadu.
Off & Fax No: 044-28447630.

How to apply for licence

1.Every application for the grant of licence should be made to the Controlling authority in Form V.

2. Every application to the Controlling Authority for grant of a licence shall be accompanied by enclosing Form I for verification of the antecedents of the applicant. If the applicant is a company, a firm or an association of persons, the application shall be accompanied by Form I for every proprietor or majority shareholder, partner or director of the company as if they were the applicant (Rule 3).

3. Following additional information should also be furnished;

i. Registration certificate of the Agency.
ii. License fee by way of demand draft or Banker’s cheque in the name Controlling Authority Tamil Nadu Private Security Agency, Chennai-4 as per Section 8(2) of the Rules.

Fee for 1 District                                        :           Rs.5000/-       
Fee for 2 to 5 Districts                                :           Rs.10,000/-
Fee for the entire State of Tamil Nadu          :           Rs.25,000/-
iii) Affidavit as per section 7(2) of the Act.

iv) Letter for outsourcing the Training facility with address as per section 5 of the Rules (Clause 14 in form
V) The applicants special qualification which may facilitate his Operation as per section 3 (4) of the Rules (Training certificate in Security or Police and Military Discharge Certificate).
iv) Income tax clearance certificate. (For old Agencies).

4. It may either be delivered to the Controlling Authority or sent to him by Registered Post.  An acknowledgement will be given by the Controlling Authority on that.
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